Champions of previous events

2023 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2022 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2021 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2020 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2019 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2018 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2017 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2016 Morańska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2015 Geritz Ewa Warsaw Poland
2014 Swatowska Gina New Jersey USA
2013 Sanders Izabela California USA
2012 Duczmal Marianna Puszczykow Poland
2011 Trocha Dorota Turks&Caicos
2010 Geritz Ewa Warsaw Poland
2009 Geritz Ewa Warsaw Poland
2008 Kazimierczak Katarzyna Wrocław Poland
2007 Morańska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2006 Morańska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2005 Pielaszek Agnieszka Warsaw Poland
2004 Morańska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2003 Jankovsky Andrea California USA
2002 Zemankova Jana Praha Czech Rep.

2023 Stan Maciata Illinois USA
2022 Greg Grygoruk Florida/Illinois USA
2021 Arkadiusz Wojtaszek Arizona USA
2020 Dudek Jerzy Kraków Poland
2019 Mierzejewski Alek Connecticut USA
2018 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2017 Deka Konrad Illinois USA
2016 Galica Stanislaw Illinois USA
2015 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2014 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2013 Kleszcz Alexander Baden Austria
2012 Chojnicki Kamil Warsaw Poland
2011 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2010 Zielinski Grzegorz Warsaw Poland
2009 Jedrzejczyk Mateusz Warsaw Poland
2008 Malachowski Alex Illinois USA
2007 Malachowski Alex Illinois USA
2006 Chudy Andrzej Florida USA
2005 Bidus Marek Illinois USA
2004 Grygoruk Grzegorz Illinois USA
2003 Steullet Anthony Connecticut USA
2002 Beliczynski Chris New York USA



Celebrity players

Golf lovers who participated in previous Polonia Open tournaments: Zbigniew Boniek, Mariusz Czerkawski, Tadeusz Drozda, Jerzy Dudek, Jan Englert, Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Krzysztof Materna, Andrzej Person, Waldemar Wilkołek, Marcin Wójcik, Michał Wójcik, Ken Duke – golfer PGA – Polonia Open 2010, Matt Kuchar – well-known and well-liked professional American golf player PGA, Bob Toski – legendary golf trainer and golfer PGA of Polish origin (PGA Golf Professional, Hall of Fame/World Golf Teacher Hall of Fame) – Polonia Open 2012

Players about the Polonia Open tournament

Jan Englert

Golfers – the only Poles who improve themselves and not others! Thanks for the meetings at which we remind ourselves that we are still able to like each other a little.

Zbigniew Boniek

I participated in the Polonia Open and I remember the friendly atmosphere and great organization. The organizers have made every effort to ensure that everything is hooked up and that is why the tournament enjoys unchanging popularity and has an excellent brand.

Jerzy Dudek

Super tournament, nice atmosphere, here you can meet Poles from almost all over the world.

Andrzej Person

20 years ago a young and … slim man from Manhattan informed our golf association in Warsaw that Poles are playing golf after the Great Water. And that I would support this idea. I signed a little agreement with my soul on my shoulder. And in this way Warsaw with its patronage added a brick to the most important golf idea among the countrymen in the world.

Tadeusz Drozda

I have been associated with the Polonia Open tournament almost from the beginning. I was always impressed with his momentum. I once talked to one of the managers of the field where the tournament was taking place. He was amazed. Something like that has never been with them – more than 150 golfers in shirts of equal national colors shocked him and other club members.

Mariusz Czerkawski

Great memories and a large dose of adrenaline, especially in such an important golf tournament. Demanding and well-maintained fields on which tournaments were played testify to their rank. Always a nice and friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to meet Poles from around the world.

Partners of previous events


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