History of the Polonia Open Tournament

The original tournament was organized by a group of Polish-American sports fans associated with the Riverdale Tennis of New York and the Polish American Golf Association (PAGA). The origins of the tournament go back to 1998, when Arthur Bobko came forth with the idea, securing support of a number of Florida sports aficionados.

The first Polonia Open tournament was held in 2001. in Sarasota as an event gathering 74 players from the U.S., Poland, Canada, England and Germany. The tournament had a very high level of sports competition, and the final was a real hit of tennis season. The organizers had prepared many additional attractions for the participants, including a golf tournament, attended by 18 people. This idea immediately met with great enthusiasm and support of the golfers. As a result, the golf tournament has become a permanent part of Polonia Open tournament and in 2003, yielding an equivalent status of the event. Over 60 golfers attended, including many well-known Polish-American and Polish National players.

In 2004, after moving to the east coast, the golf tournament reached the magic number of 120 players. This happened earlier than expected and all future events are planned for the Enchanted number of 120 players (golf) at which the organizers want to stay, despite the fact that from 2005 players were already signed on the waiting list.

The event was enthusiastically received by both players and sponsors. Since then PAGA under the Chair of Pawel Gasior decided to host the annual golf tournament along side tennis. PAGA has a great deal of experience not only in organizing the Polonia Open but many other just as important tournaments such as US POLSAT CUP or PENN Classic, NJ Classic, CT Open, Zywiec Cup. etc. The Polonia Open has proven to be one of the best organized sports events of the Polish American Community. This statement can be supported by the fact that PAGA received the recognition from the Olympic Committee of Poland for the propagation of Polish sports activities around the world. It is said that quantity does not always affect quality, and perhaps because of this, this tournament has become one of the most important sporting events in the Polish-American world. It is the hope of the organizers that the success of the tournament contributes to the foundation of a Polish-American Sports Center in Florida, which would benefit both Polish Americans and sports people from Poland. Everyone interested in such venture is requested to contact the organizers of Polonia Open Tournament.


2001 – Cypress Creek Golf Club, Ruskin, FL & Waterford Golf Club, Venice, FL
2002 – Heron Creek Golf & Country Club, North Port, FL
2003 – The Preserve Golf Club, Bradenton FL
2004 – Breakers West Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL
2005 – Breakers West Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL
2006 – Palm Beach Polo Golf & Country Club, Wellington, FL
2007 – Palm Beach Polo Golf & Country Club, Wellington, FL
2008 – PGA Golf Club, Port St. Lucie, FL
2009 – PGA Golf Club, Port St. Lucie, FL
2010 – Tesoro Golf and Country Club, Port St. Lucie, FL
2011 – The Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FL
2012 – The Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FL

2013 – The Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FL
2014 – The Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FL
2015 – The Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FL
2016 – Heron Bay Golf & Country Club, Coral Springs, FL
2017 – Jacaranda Golf Club, Plantation, FL
2018 – The Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FL
2019 – The Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, FL & Indian Spring Country Club, Boynton Beach, FL
2020 – Trump National Doral Golf Club, Miami, FL
2021 – Indian Spring CC / The Fountains CC, Boynton Beach, FL
2022 – Trump National Doral Miami, FL

Champions of previous events

2001 Dzierzewicz Christopher Pennsylvania USA
2002 Beliczynski Chris New York USA
2003 Steullet Anthony Connecticut USA
2004 Grygoruk Grzegorz Illinois USA
2005 Bidus Marek Illinois USA
2006 Chudy Andrzej Florida USA
2007 Malachowski Alex Illinois USA
2008 Malachowski Alex Illinois USA
2009 Jedrzejczyk Mateusz Warsaw Poland
2010 Zielinski Grzegorz Warsaw Poland
2011 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2012 Chojnicki Kamil Warsaw Poland
2013 Kleszcz Alexander Baden Austria
2014 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2015 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2016 Galica Stanislaw Illinois USA
2017 Deka Konrad Illinois USA
2018 Baczyk Janusz New Jersey USA
2019 Mierzejewski Alek Connecticut USA
2020 Dudek Jerzy Poland
2021 Wojtaszek Arkadiusz Arizona USA
2022 Greg Grygoruk Florida/Illinois USA


2001 Zemankova Jana Praha Czech Rep.
2002 Zemankova Jana Praha Czech Rep.
2003 Jankovsky Andrea California USA
2004 Moranska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2005 Pielaszek Agnieszka Warsaw Poland
2006 Moranska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2007 Moranska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2008 Kazimierczak Katarzyna Wrocław Poland
2009 Geritz Ewa Warsaw Poland
2010 Geritz Ewa Warsaw Poland
2011 Trocha Dorota Turks&Caicos
2012 Duczmal Marianna Puszczykow Poland
2013 Sanders Izabela California USA
2014 Swatowska Gina New Jersey USA
2015 Geritz Ewa Warsaw Poland
2016 Moranska Brygida Warsaw Poland
2017 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2018 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2019 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2020 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2021 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada
2022 Mazur Eva Montreal Canada


Paweł Gąsior

Amateur athlete, golfer, tennis player, founder and president of the Polish American Golf Association for whose golf is how he defines “Way to Life.” Not regretting his free time, which really isn’t there, for everything related to sport and in recent years, above all, golf and tennis.

Grzegorz Lubliński

Senior corporate finance executive by profession, avid golfer and a longtime PAGA member and organizer (former Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary).  Associated with Polonia Open for over 15 years and involved in tournament’s various organizational and technical aspects.


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