Rules of the Polonia Open 2023 Golf Tournament by Żywiec

The Polonia Open 2023 tournament by ŻYWIEC will be played according to USGA regulations (new regulations 2019!).

  1. ETIQUETTE: Golf is played, for most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. “this is the spirit of the game of golf”
  2. FORMAT: 3 rounds of individual stroke play, played on the courses at Trump National Doral, Florida. There will be no CUT.
    1. No metal spikes allowed at any time.
    2. All golfers must wear a collared golf shirt, no exception of any kind, code strictly enforced by club.
    3. Both Country Clubs have a very strict policy that no jeans, cargo shorts or cargo pants are allowed at any time. That means no jeans, cargo pants or shorts will be allowed at the opening ceremony, night golf, closing ceremony, practice rounds or during tournament play. The Country Club will strictly enforce their dress code policy and restrict entry to their clubhouse
    4. All men are highly encouraged to wear a sport jacket (neck tie & bow tie optional) to the closing ceremony at Trump National Doral on Friday evening of March 3rd, 2023.
  1. GOLF BAG STORAGE & LOCKER ROOM: Trump National Doral will store your golf bag & individual lockers will be assigned if so requested.
  2. GPS: Use of GPS is allowed during tournament play as long as it only provides distance info only. Any additional information such as wind direction, wind speed, slope, etc. is strictly prohibited, penalty for GPS breach is: DISQUALIFICATION
  3. TELEPHONE: All players are encouraged not to use the phone during tournament play except for emergency reason or to contact a tournament official. Your group could be penalized a stroke for delay of game (slow play).
  4. PACE OF PLAY: Pace of play will be strictly enforced by referee & golf clubs rangers who will be out on the course during tournament play. Each foursome is allowed 14 minutes per hole. 1st warning – no penalty, 2nd warning – 1 stroke penalty to all players in the group, 3rd warning – additional 1 stroke penalty to all players, 4th warning – DQ. No walking allowed, golf carts only.
  5. ALL GOLF CLUBS & GOLF balls must be conforming under USGA rules. Please visit the website for conforming clubs & balls.
  6. CADDY: individual caddies are not allowed
  7. TEE TIMES: All players will tee off on Wednesday at 8:00 am & Thursday at 12:30 pm with a shot gun format and on Friday with individual Tee Times. All players must report to their assigned golf cart at least 10 minutes prior to the tee time schedule. Failure to report on time could result in a 2 stroke penalty or possible DQ.
  8. SIGNED SCORECARDS must to be returned immediately after the completion of each round to the scorer table located in the clubhouse. Failure to do so could result in DQ.
  9. TEES:
    Men from: designated modified white tee markers Ladies from: red tees
  10. PIN LOCATIONS DURING PRACTICE ROUNDS: red flag – front, white flag – center of green, yellow flag – back. In the event a player is unsure of a ruling and an official cannot be reached for a clarification, in stroke play, a player has the option of playing 2 balls, however, the player must announce to his fellow marker which ball he wishes to score with.
  11. DROP ZONE: All players are encouraged to play from all designated “drop zones”
    All players are encouraged to mark their balls for identification purposes to avoid any confusion.
  12. EMBEDDED BALL: Local rule provides for relief of an embedded ball in its own pitch-mark anywhere through the green, except hazards.
  13. BULKHEADS, WOOD CHIPS & MULCH are integral parts of the course. Wood chips & mulch are loose impediments – no relief.
  14. IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: All paved surfaces, bridges & buildings, located outside of a hazard and fences, not surrounding the golf course, are immovable obstructions. Relief: 1 club length, not nearer to the hole – no penalty.
  15. FLOWERS BEDS are “ground under repair” only if so circled with a white line. Free relief is provided, 1 club length, not nearer to the hole.
  16. PRACTICE ROUND: Practice rounds will be made available to all participants who have paid their entry fee prior to the start of the tournament. Practice round green fee is not included in the entry fee. Players are responsible for contacting both golf clubs to schedule a practice round tee time. Call pro shop.
  17. INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather such heavy rain, thunderstorm or lightning forcing a play stoppage, the committee, under the guidance of the club pro, will make every possible effort to resume play as soon as permissible, without risking any injury to any player.
  20. LOCAL RULES: In the event the committee must make any changes regarding local rules, such changes will be posted on The Polonia Open 2023 website and all players will be notified accordingly prior to start of their designated round.